Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet Server for use with JD Edwards

  • Overview

    You can combine the power of JD Edwards with the familiarity of Excel with Spreadsheet Server, Powered by the QueryExchange™

    This reporting tool provides real-time JD Edwards® financial reporting and analysis from the JD Edwards General Ledger into Excel. Your organizations finance users have complete control over the design and content of your JD Edwards reports from JDE World or EnterpriseOne using only Excel features and functions. Summary balances and detailed drill-down from JD Edwards data can be retrieved and manipulated within the desktop tool every user is comfortable with, Excel.

    In addition, the cloud-based QueryExchange™ gives customers the ability to select from hundreds of pre-built queries and tailor them to meet their specific JD Edwards World or EnterpriseOne reporting needs. Utilized in the QueryExchange™, the SmartPak™ feature is way to group pre-configured queries together. Searching by selecting a SmartPak™ gives users a quick and reliable way to access a group of dedicated pre-defined queries. The Query Designer allows users to build dashboard views from any transactional database or any JD Edwards ERP application to be accessed, automated and presented with our formula driven methodology.

    Spreadsheet Server is an Oracle certified integration solution and uses company level security as defined in your JD Edwards application. Security is controlled by an administrator and is based upon segment account information.


      1. • Quick-Start installation for JD Edwards users
      2. • Dramatically reduce number of days to close your JDE books
      3. • Leverage existing Excel knowledge and write reports from JDE within minutes
      4. • Use the narrative reporting feature of Spreadsheet Server to automatically generate your pre-formatted Excel reports in Word, PDF, or HTML format
      5. • No more downloading or re-keying/exporting of JDE balance or transaction level data
      6. • FASTR Report Conversion Utility for quick conversion of the row definition detail
      7. • Increase efficiency and timeliness of your budgeting process in JDE
      8. • No staging areas or data warehousing needed
      9. • Excel 2010 64-bit support
      10. • Excel 2013 64-bit support